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We will work diligently to meet all of your needs and ensure the quick delivery of your products to your customers.

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Daily 8:00 - 22:00 Prague, Brno, and Plzen

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dodo food

We provide an express food delivery service with quick and guaranteed time frame for the delivery. We already provide this service to some of the largest produce companies in the industry for whom we process tens of thousands of orders each month.

DODO Business Solutions:

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dodo e-shop support

In today's world customer experience is a vital factor for the success of any business. Set yourself apart from the competition and show your customers that you value them and their time by offering options such as same day delivery.

DODO Business Solutions:

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dodo office support

Most offices are constantly busy with a long list of tasks to acomplish. To make your office life easier we came up with the concept of DODOoffice support. We are the only delivery service that will bring you important documents from a client as well as your groceries.

DODO Business Solutions:

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DODO Custom Tailoring

Do you have a specific business where DODO can help?

We will work with you and figure exactly how DODO can help improve your business.

Our flexible procedures and processes are easily adaptable to meet exactly what your business needs.

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What do our partners say about us?

  • We use the DODO services regularly and we are always impressed with their personal approach, great service and fast delivery.

    Jana Martínková


    Did you know that: DODO can streamline offices operations and handle a great deal of necessary office procedures and errands.
  • We have seen the rise of the food delivery industry and have therefore decided to offer, on behalf of our seasonal event UGO OCISTA, the delivery of beverages to your home or office. DODO worked out the logistics of our entire operation and always reacted proactively to any of our requests. With DODO we are constantly receiving positive feedback from our customers.

    Zuzana Kobzová

    Brand Manager ontrade

    Did you know that: Did you know that DODO has delivered over 4000 liters of fresh juices?
  • We have worked and collaborated with DODO since 2017 on a project involving the expansion of our KFC Delivery Service. DODO remained very adaptable throughout the entire process and continues to meet our strict requirements for the timely delivery of our product to ensure freshness.

    Jiří Tihlařík

    Delivery Manager

    Did you know that: the average delivery time for KFC is just 24 minutes?

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