We simplify the lives of car owners

Handle everything required to get your car driving from the comfort of your own home.

Changing your tires

We will pick your car up and return it to you with a new set of tires. No need to call anywhere or wait around in auto service shops.

Car Wash

We will pick up your car at your place, take it for a car wash, and return it to you sparkling clean at whatever location you wish.

Auto Service

We will take your car to regular inspections or help you in the event of a breakdown. We take care of you.

Administration and Registration

Are you tired of wasting time at the STK or at the auto registry? We can save you your precious time lost in long lines and we will fill out any required paperwork so that nothing is missing.


You can track your car in real time using a gps device so that you know what is going on at all times

7 days a week

Our team is ready to help you out every day from 8am to 10pm.


All of our drivers are trained to drive safely and take the best possible care of your car. Also your car is insured throughout the entire process.


Order with ease. Place an order with a quick text message to 222 111 800 or simply message us on FB.

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Quick and timely pick up of your car

I really don't want to deal with the repair of my car. So all I need to do is send a message to 222 111 800 or through FB messenger, let DODO know my request, and set the pick up location. My repair will be fully handled by DODO.

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Dodo will come get your car

Dodo will come pick your car up at home, work or wherever. Once you hand your keys over to the driver you can track your car in real time thanks to a unique code.

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Car Wash

DoDo will take your car to the car wash of your choice and return it to you sparkling clean. The DoDo team will take care of everything while you are free to go about your day.

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Returning your clean car

At a set time, the DoDo driver will return your car to you at any desired location. Also, we like to leave our customers with a little gift in their car.


Will you really take care of everything?

Of Course! Everything involving your car will be taken care of. We will handle your vehicle's service requirements and administrative needs and send you notifications whenever service is due. We will take care of it all and leave you hassle free.

Who will be driving my car?

For our service DoDo car assistant, we have handpicked our team of drivers who all have years of driving experience and have undergone rigorous safe driver training. No need to worry, only professionals will drive your car.

How do you guarantee my car?

We realize how valuable your car is and that you are entrusting us with your baby. Therefore, we are insured for all cases with coverage up to 5 million crowns. Your car will always be covered and in safe hands with us.

What is your process if the auto shop is charging more than the previously agreed upon price?

Our team will negotiate your repair request with any shop. Any repair beyond the scope of the originally agreed upon price will be communicated to you directly from the shop itself. All additional repairs or costs always have to be approved directly by you.

Can DoDo use my favorite auto shops and car washes for the service of my car?

If you have any preference as to the auto shop you would like to use then DoDo will gladly comply. Otherwise, DoDo will use the services of one of our vetted partners for a very quick turnaround time.

How to order this service?

To order the service you can contact us through text message to 222 111 800, through FB messenger or through a webchat. Simply tell us what your car needs done along with the time and place for pick up, and DoDo will handle the rest.

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How do we train our drivers?

Safety is our number one priority. All of our drivers have years of driving experience and have undergone a safe driver training course. In addition, we track all of our drivers so we can ensure that safe driving habits are always being employed.