A personal assistant who can obtain
anything and deliver it anywhere you are

  1. I need help \

    I need help

    I have a lot of tasks to do and I'm too busy. I need the assistant! #chcidodo

  2. DoDo finds a solution

    DoDo finds a solution

    DoDo finds a solution and sends me a possible delivery time and cost.

  3. I approve the price

    I approve the price

    By approving the price, I confirm my order.

  4. Delivery straight to you wherever you are

    Delivery straight to you, wherever you are

    DoDo will deliver my order anywhere I currently am. I can use my time more effectively.

Did you know the average delivery time is 47 minutes?

How can you use DoDo?

DoDo is a personal assistant for people who appreciate their time. Dodo can expressly deliver the package, runs your errands or mediates services. And how can we help you?

  • Today 11:07

  • Hi DoDo, I need to send three packages but I don't feel like taking it to a post office.

  • Hi Susan, no problem. DoDo can be at your place within 60 minutes. How big are those packages?

  • Great! Each is about 1.5 kg and the size of a shoe box.

  • Excellent, we can take them to the post office and send for 139 CZK.

  • I agree, thanks.

  • Today 11:12

  • Hello, I promised to help my grandmother with groceries but I got stuck at work. Could you please manage it for me?

  • Hi Michael. Sure, we can do that. What do you need to buy?

  • Cool, it will be 3 kg of potatoes, milk, white yoghurt, bananas and some chocolate. What is a delivery price?

  • We can deliver it to your grandmother in hour and the total price will be groceries' price + 139 CZK for delivery. Do you agree?

  • Yes, I agree. Please deliver it to her apartment door.

  • Today 11:17

  • Help! I forgot my laptop at home in Karlin.. Will you bring it to my office, please? My wife is at home so she will give it to you. It's urgent, I have a presentation in two hours!

  • Hi Mark, of course! We can be at your office within 40 minutes. The delivery price will be 209 CZK.

  • Yes, I'll take it! Thank you for a rescue.

  • Today 11:17

  • DoDo, is my boyfriend birthday on Saturday. Will you bring us a chocolate cake to Stromovka on Saturday morning? We'll have a picnic there.

  • Hi Jenn, sure. We can bring the cake for 450 czk + 175 for delivery. Do you agree?

  • I agree, thank you, at least I won't have to bake.

  • Great, we'll see you on Saturday morning at Stromovka.

  • Today 11:17

  • Hey DoDo, can you help me? I don't feel very well and I don't want to leave my bed. Will you bring my aspirin, vitamin C and paralen?

  • Hello Christina. We'll bring your medicines straight to your home. You can stay in a bed. 😊 Can you give me the address?

  • Sure, it will be to Řep - Žufanova 10.

  • We can be there at 15:00. The delivery price is 145 CZK.

  • I agree, thanks. Please bring me a pack of paper napkins as well.

  • Today 11:17

  • Hello, I need to deliver few contracts to a client, get it signed and bring them back asap. Is it possible? You would go from Narodni 11 to Rybna and back.

  • Hi, yes, of course. DoDo can pick up contracts within 30 minutes. The delivery price will be 169 CZK. Is it alright?

  • Yes, it's fine. Come as soon as possible.

  • Sure, DoDo is on the way.

  • Today 11:17

  • DoDo, I have to pick up my order till tomorrow. Can you do it for me? I don't have a babysitter and don't want to go there with kids.

  • Hi Teresa, we got you. We can pick it up for you but we need more details. Where we are going to pick it up and where we are going to deliver? Have you already pay for your order?

  • The order is paid. You will pick it up at Mall on Budejovicka and deliver to Kunratice any time tomorrow.

  • Thank you. We can be at your place tomorrow around 13:00 o'clock. The delivery price will be 129 CZK. Do you agree?

  • Yes, thank you. Just don't use the bell, please. My kids will be asleep in that time so I don't want them to wake up. Thanks again!


What I can use DoDo for?

You can order anything legal. We are ready to save your time. Doesn't matter if you need a cake to birthday party, pick up laundry, go to a pharmacy, pick up the order for e-shop or safely deliver a package in Prague. Sky is the limit 😊

How quick are you?

As quick as a flash! 😊 We start working on your order immediately after your confirmation. We deliver it as soon as possible or in the time convenient for you. Details about the delivery are agreed in advance so you won't be surprised.

How can I order DoDo?

We are trying to do it as easy as possible. You can send a SMS to 222 111 800 or you can use Facebook Messenger. The SMS fee is charged according to your carrier's tariff as a standard SMS.

How much does it cost?

We don't have fix prices because a price depends on a distance and difficulty of delivery. The price is always said in advance and we start working on your order only after your confirmation.